Dr. Robert L. Bozeman, LMT

About the retreat leaders...

Raj Shah is the “Nutrition Yogi”, which combines his passion for nutrition and for yoga.

What could be more important than positively feeding one’s mind and body? A sound mind and body translates to a healthier person. For Raj, the journey to yoga began in 2005 when he began practicing yoga regularly as a stress management tool. Since 2009, he has taught weekly yoga classes to people of all levels from beginners to advanced students. Raj firmly believes that EVERYONE can benefit from some form of yoga practice, regardless of fitness level and body type. In fact, his students have reported how much yoga has changed their lives for the better!

In terms of diet, Raj began reading and studying food labels many years ago and also realized the power of a healthy diet to heal and prevent sickness. Raj slowly gravitated towards a vegetarian diet and has followed this lifestyle for almost two decades. Still, thirsty for more knowledge, he was called to pursue a graduate program in Holistic Nutrition. In 2018, Raj completed the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition as well as a Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching.

Dr. Robert L. Bozeman is a Holistic Practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky. Robert holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in performance from the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of Advanced Massage Therapeutics in Louisville.

Having been involved in the healing arts for twenty years as a Reiki Master, he became a Bones for Life teacher* in 2015 and a Certified Spiritual Director in 2018. The focus of his massage and healing practice is on injury prevention and treatment. Many of his clients are professional musicians.

He continues to concertize as a solo artist, is a published writer on life-long learning, and teaches master classes and workshops in addition to his private practice. 

*Bones for Life was created by Ruthy Alon, a Feldenkreis Method Practitioner and Senior Trainer. These gentle movements assist the client in better alignment/posture, ease of movement, and less painful living.