Dr. Robert L. Bozeman, Movement Teacher


Dr. Robert L. Bozeman is a musician and Holistic Practitioner in Louisville, Kentucky. Robert holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in organ performance from the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music. He completed his graduate degree at the UMKC-Conservatory of Music and undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma, both in performance. He produced 2 Cds of organ and choral music while a full-time church musician. Recordings of his work have been featured numerous times on the NPR program With Heart and Voice. He has also been interviewed and performed live on Louisville’s Classical 90.5.

His interest in movement and all things somatic, came at age 19 when diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. In an effort to avoid surgery, he found Dr. Alice Brandfonbrenner at the Chicago Rehabilitation Institute. With her guidance, he successfully recovered from this initial struggle with arm pain and began a live-long quest for injury prevention. When choosing a teacher and institution for his doctorate, he chose to work with Dr. Roberta Gary at CCM. A polio survivor herself and one of the first Licensed Body Mapping Professional (formerly called Andover Educators), he felt she was the very best teacher to continue to address ongoing movement/playing issues. She introduced him to the Feldenkrais Method by referring him to Cynthia Allen, Feldenkrais Practitioner, and a senior trainer in the Foundation for Movement Intelligence. With Cynthia, he expanded his somatic awareness and became a certified Bones for Life Teacher. After leaving full-time music to devote more time to assisting others in their movement quests, he became a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Spiritual Director. He feels that working with the “whole” self is the best way to achieve a greater result in the prevention of injuries and certainly during recovery from injury.

He has a movement practice in Louisville, Kentucky, where he works with musicians seeking a better understanding of their bodies, avoiding injury, and having a greater musical result in their playing and performing.

Dr. Bozeman’s doctoral project received a grant from the University of Cincinnati Graduate School for his research. The project, “Gesture, Movement, and the Keyboard Performer” is published on his website. A portion of that project was published in two parts in “The American Organist” magazine in 2017, which centers around his conversations with his then teacher, Dr. Roberta Gary, on life-long learning and the influence of awareness on the performer.

While he is now dedicating his efforts to the movement realm and not solo performing, he is heard regularly accompanying his 12-year old son, an advanced violinist and singer. They can be heard performing in the Louisville community and around the world on Youtube.

Robert is married to Rajesh Shah, a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. Robert is a dedicated plant-based and gluten-free cook and uses food, just as movement, as medicine.

Dr. Robert presenting at Centre College, Danville, KY